Professional Nail Technician Online Course

This Professional Nail Technician Course with Business Start-up helps you to learn within this developing sector to gain the skills required so that you can work throughout the industry. Better still, this fantastic course requires no previous experience, just a desire for the subject!

You will cover both Acrylic and Gel nails, with the option to also study Fibreglass. We are the only Distance Learning provider offering this course and it has proved to be one of our most popular.

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Course Description

The Distance Learning Professional Nail Technician Course with Business Start-up has been created to help develop your skills to a high level of occupational ability also enabling you to perform your own salon services. If you carry an artistic flare, and would like job satisfaction, this may well be the course for you.

You can study at your own pace and either take up to 12 months to complete your Professional Nail Technician course or if you have more time available complete it as soon as you are able. With our Business Start-up Package, you have no excuse not to succeed. Let today be the start of your new career.

Support & Assessment

Theory side – You will receive course materials and dedicated Tutor Support for 12 month. All assignments are marked by one of our professional Tutors who will offer regular feedback and guide you through your course. Once all assessments and activities have been completed, you will then be awarded your certificate.

Practical side – You will receive all supplies and equipment required to complete the practical side of the course and will have 12 months to complete this with full support. You will be provided with the telephone number for your dedicated Student Support Team who will be available for any other queries that you may have whilst completing your course.

You can be assured that you will receive unlimited support for your home study course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.

What is included in the course?

Theory side – You will receive course materials together with dedicated Tutor Support for 12 months.  All assignments are marked by one of our professional Tutors who will offer regular feedback and guide you through your course.

Practical side – The Nail Trainer is a life-like hand on a flexible arm and has jointed fingers, flesh like finger tips and replaceable exercise nails. It is widely used in training classes and schools around the world. You will receive The Nail Trainer hand & desk clamp, 100 nails (20 x 5 sizes), acrylic primer, gel wipe off, tip adhesive, spare re-fit pack, owner’s manual, progress cards and a multi-language demonstration DVD. Once you have mastered this, you will be required to send your completed nails to us for marking.

Acrylic Starter Kit Containing – Acetone 60ml, Acrylic Liquid 50ml, Acrylic Powder Pink 40g, Acrylic Powder Clear 40g, Acrylic Powder White 40g, Nail Glue 3g, Nail Primer Pen, Sterilising Spray 60ml, Sterilising Gel 60ml, Black Beauty 240/240, Cuticle Pusher, Lint Free Pads x 50, Sable Brush No. 8 Round, 20 x Olympic Assorted Tips, 20 x Ultra Assorted Tips, 20 x French White Assorted Tips, 20 x Big C Assorted Tips, Nail Fresh 100ml, Duraboard 100/180, White Block, Tip Blender 15ml, Dappen Dish x 2, 5 x 6″ Manicure Sticks, 20 x Active Assorted Tips, 20 x Natural Assorted Tips, Tip Cutters, Nail Forms, Duraboard 240/240, Quick Shine Buffer, Liquid plastic dropper. (Alternative products to the same value may be included).   Value £87

UV Gel Starter Kit with 12 watt UV Lamp Containing – UV Lamp 12 watt, UV Gel Clear 30g, UV Gel pink 30g, UV Gel Hollywood White 5g, UV Gel Wipe off Solution 100ml, Sterlising Spray 60ml, Sterilising Gel 60ml, Cuticle Pusher, Lint Free Pads x 50, Nail Glue 3g, 20 x Olympic Assorted Tips, 20 x Active Assorted Tips, 20 x Natural Competition Assorted Tips, 20 x Ultra Assorted Tips, 20 x Big C Assorted Tips, 20x French White Assorted Tips, Tip Blender 15ml, Nail Fresh 100ml, Tip Cutters, Duraboard 240/240, Duraboard 100/180, White Block, Jumbo Buffer, Primer Pen, 5 x 6″ Manicure Sticks, No. 5 Flat Gel Brush. (Alternative products to the same value may be included).  Value £132.

Training Videos for Acrylic and Gel Tips to use alongside your Nail Training hand (you can pause at any time or go back and repeat the steps).  In no time at all you’ll be qualified and creating fantastic looking nails for friends and clients.

Assessments and certification 

Business Cards (250)

Appointment cards (100)

Client Consultation Cards (20)

Listing on website, on 118 24 7 and in’s Mobile apps

Guide to starting your own business

Access to Salon supplies and equipment (on completion of training)

Website with email address (Maximum 5 pages and includes hosting for 12 months)

Yes you really will be ready to start this exciting new career.



The Professional Nail Technician Training course includes completion of the following modules, all delivered in line with Habia guidelines:

  • Health and Safety
  • Consultation and Contra-Indications
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
  • Anatomy of the Nail
  • Process of Nail Growth
  • Manicure
  • Tip Types and Customisation
  • Preparation of the Nail and Acrylic/Gel Nail Extensions
  • Nail Enhancement Removal
  • Nail Art
  • Marketing and Starting your own Business

Q & A

Will I require any previous knowledge to start this course?

You do not need any prior learning knowledge or experience to take this course. This course is openly available to anyone who wishes to take part in a highly rewarding home study course. You have the freedom to start the course at any time and continue your studies at your own pace for a period of up to 12 months from initial registration with the full support of your Tutor.

What is included with this course?

  • In-depth study materials covering the full specification
  • 12 months tutor support
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • Certification
  • Business Start-up Package

Will I need to purchase any books?

You will not need to purchase any books as we cover everything that is required in the course materials unless otherwise stated on the course page.

Are there any additional costs?

There will be no additional costs for this course.

I live overseas, would I be able to take this course?

Yes, this course is available to international students.

Do I have to pay delivery?

For paper-based courses, delivery is free to the UK. A delivery fee will be payable for paper-based courses sent outside the UK. Please click here for delivery information.

How many hours should I allow for this course?

We recommend that you are able to dedicate between 300 and 320 hours’ study time, plus additional time for completing assignments.

Can I complete this course sooner if I wish to?

Yes, you can work at your own pace to complete this course.

Awarding Organisation

At the eabstract-education-distance-learningnd of this course successful learners will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Abstract Education and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the details of all of the units you have completed as part of your course).

The Level 3 Professional Nail Technician course has been benchmarked at a level 3 which would give you some indication as to the difficulty of this course. I.e., GCSE would be equivalent to Level 2 and A’ Level would be equivalent to Level 3.

Your certificate will confirm that you have passed all relevant practical assessments.


Course fees for payment in full include:

  • Course materials
  • Assessment and feedback on all assignments.
  • Access to your personal Tutors via our online portal.
  • Access to the NUS student card.
  • Business Start-up Package.
  • Certification


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