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When you study one of our online nail courses, you can begin at any stage of your development, whether you wish to learn how to complete a full manicure or are ready to practice full nail enhancements. With our online nail courses, you can enter the nail and beauty industry knowing this industry is increasing every year. The beauty sector is booming and now is your time to capitalise on this! 

With these courses you have the benefits of working around your current job and putting the hours in when you find the time. They are tailored to teach you in a personalised way. Some of our courses even include eBooks and Videos to supplement your course to make sure you have the knowledge to work safely and of a high quality.

Distance Learning - Nail Online Courses

There is no better time than now to complete an online nail course! Business is booming for nail salons, in an age of influencers and celebrities, never being seen without a well-manicured hand.

Manicures go back to Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti, with reports of Cleopatra’s nails being painted red and Queen Nefertiti’s nails painted violet. People have been manicuring for over 5000 years, with the history of nail polish going even further back, to 3000 BC when nail colour would indicate social status.

Military commanders in ancient Egypt were also known to paint their nails to match their lips before going into battle. Who’d have thought that!

As technology improved, the tools to create the perfect manicure also improved and in the 20th century, nail polish was invented; however, it was initially colourless. Individuals began painting their nails using high gloss car paint and in 1932 the first ever polish using pigments was launched by Revlon. The 1930s also saw the trend of the French manicure.

The 1970s saw a demand for artificial nails; though they were not the salon quality we see today; but this was a big step in nail enhancement services. As the world of social media became the new normal, nail technicians used this as their platform to promote themselves. This led onto a whole artistic genre of nail videos spreading across the platforms. Nail influencers now create perfect acrylic flowers and replicate art on nails, reaching a whole new level of creativity and showcasing their skills.

Caring for your feet and toenails has also become a fairly recent concept. With people getting pedicures, gel polish and even enhancements on toenails.

We see many nail trends resurfacing and new trends being created. The French manicure has resurfaced with an ombre effect, stiletto nail extensions have been popular for the last couple of years and nail extensions are the new essential in today’s society. We now feel naked without a fresh set of nails to boost our confidence. We see people come to salons for a festive creation on their nails and following themes.

Nail channels on YouTube have also come into popularity, you can find specific channels for nails only. You will find tutorials on creating artistic designs and embellishing nail extensions in rhinestones and flowers.

With our online nail courses, you can enter the nail and beauty industry knowing this industry is increasing every year. The beauty sector is booming and now is your time to capitalise on this!

You will become your own boss with our courses and with most courses be able to gain professional insurance. You can start your own business if you dream of being a mobile nail technician you can, if your dream is to open a salon you can also achieve this. These Nail Courses will help you on the journey to achieving your dreams by helping you achieve success on our courses.

We have all the information on each course when you click on the product page. Here you will find out what is included on the course, what modules you will be required to complete, Q&A, what award will be achieved, fees and progression. You may find after completing one of our courses you wish to complete more courses. You can browse our site to find more interesting courses including even more Nail and Beauty courses. We are also constantly updating our courses, look out for new trendy courses that may be the next viral beauty trend.

As trends change at home study zone we want to follow, making sure all our courses are up to date. We also wish to make sure our nail courses are interesting and a joy to learn from. This is why we have videos and eBooks on selected courses. This will help you become knowledgeable on your subject and ready to work in the beauty world. We hope you find the course for you and can make your dreams come true. We the right course you can make success and a new business using your newfound skills and confidence. From acrylic nail extensions to basic nail art we will have a course for you. We even offer an ultimate nail course covering all aspects of nail care and more.