Our International GCSE Online Courses

At Home Study Zone, we offer International GCSE courses (IGCSE), the international equivalent of the UK standard GCSE. GCSE stands for General Certificate in Secondary Education. While traditionally studied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of the national curriculum at Key Stage 4 level – the IGCSE is a qualification that is recognised by established awarding bodies and exam boards internationally.

International GCSE grades are recognised by educational institutions and employers alike, they show proof of knowledge and competence in a subject, as well as acting as a stepping stone to higher levels of study. When studying with Home Study Zone, we do not ask for any entry requirements to access the course; they are an accessible course of study for learners of all ages.

Dependant on the awarding body and subject, International GCSE exams are taken in January, June and November. Feel free to contact us at Home Study Zone, and we will be able to let you know when the dates for your chosen subjects are to be carried out and what options are available to you for your study.

Home Study Zone offers a range of courses at Key Stage 4. Along with the core subjects of English, Maths and the Sciences, there are courses International GCSE subjects ranging from Business Studies to Geography, and Accounting to Religious Studies.

The IGCSE is 100% based on exam results, and the assignments that you will complete throughout the course will get you ready to sit the exam. When studying an IGCSE with Home Study Zone, an International GCSE student will be getting prepared for their exam. For more information on the IGCSE grading system look here.