Someone Collecting IGCSE Results. Celebrating Results.

IGCSE Results season is a stressful time for anyone. One thing you shouldn’t be worried about is figuring out how to get your results.

Most exam results are released around August time for IGCSEs. Though this may vary this usually is the time everyone receives them.

To receive your results you may need to contact the centre you sat the exams. Then you can find out how you will receive them and if you need to pick them up.

Exam results can only be picked up by yourself unless you inform the exam centre otherwise. This means if you wish to keep your Exam Results private you can. If you are on holiday or ill you can give written confirmation for someone else to collect the results. With some centres you can get exam results posted to you. Ring and check before hand so this is clear.

Results Day

On the day if you need to go collect your IGCSE Results it can be a nervous time for anyone. If you get the results you wish you may want to celebrate. If you didn’t you may feel low, however there are many options these days from college to distance learning.

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