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Exams can be stressful at the best of times. We hope to ease the confusion around IGCSE Exam Timetables and where to find them.

We also have articles on the examination awarding bodies. You can take a look at our blog posts on Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs and Cambridge International GCSEs.

Generally exams are in June and November For Cambridge IGCSE Exams For Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Exams are usually in January and June. This may be different depending on the IGCSE and year of the exams. To find this out you should ask your course provider.

IGCSE Exam Timetables

The Pearson Edecxel IGCSE Exam timetable can be found here. You can find the Cambridge IGCSE Timetable here.

Home Study Zone will make sure you are aware of when you need to book any exams and when the exam dates are. We will guide you through exam centres to find the best fit for you. This can be to do with the correct dates, location and price. We hope to find the right balance for you

There are exam centres all over the world that you can go to to take exams.

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As we are a distance learning company, you can take courses when you want, where you want. This helps to give you a better chance in completing your course through many different types of circumstances.

We can help you to understand the IGCSE Timetable, complete your course in your time and find exam centres.