Person Studying for their Cambridge International IGCSEs

Cambridge International GCSE

Following on from our Pearson Edexcel International GCSE post. We Have decided to give information on the Cambridge International GCSE next.

It may be that you only have one options for awarding bodies due to location and dates. If you have a choice hopefully this post will shed some light on the decision.

Cambridge Assessment International Education, is a provider for international qualifications. It is part of the University of Cambridge and offers exams in over 160 countries.

How we use Cambridge IGCSEs

We at Home Study Zone have IGCSE that follow the Cambridge specification. To take a look at all our International GCSE click here.

Once learners have completed their International GCSE courses. They will book the exams. To Look at the exam timetable take a look here.

We at Home Study Zone believe in studying at your own pace. While being informed of any changes in the education sector. We always keep our courses up to date with the latest changes.

We have many International GCSE courses to choose from. Giving you a chance to develop the skills in the subject you love.

Though this post is about Cambridge International GCSE qualifications. We also have lots of courses with different awarding bodies.

If you are interested in other courses click here. We have lots of options for you to choose from and can work together to find the right course for you.

At Home Study Zone we are always happy to help our students. We can give information on all our courses. You can contact us for more information on courses you are interested in.

We hope this post helps you understand your courses and your exams in the future. As we progress we want to post more helpful content that can help anyone taking a course or wishing to take a course.