6 Signs You should Change Your Career

Are you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in your job? Well maybe you need to change your career. Changing your career is a big step and you need to be completely sure it is what you want to do before taking action.
Below we have 6 signs that it is time to change your career.
1. Loss of purpose and passion.
When your career has no meaning to you anymore or it does not excite you, you have lost your purpose and passion for the job.
If you don’t feel like going to work anymore because you do not believe in the company’s actions then it is time to get out.
  2. Potential is not valued
There is nothing worse then knowing your boss does not see your potential. This can make it extremely hard to remain loyal to the company.
3.Your potential growth is stunted.
Firstly ask yourself, is it because I do not venture out my comfort zone? Do I associate myself with the correct people?  If there is no solution in sight then you must move on.
4. Workplace culture is not trustworthy
If you can’t trust management, promises are being made but not met and you feel your environment is hostile then it is time to leave.
5. No rewards
There are all sort of rewards you can gain in the work place e.g. bonuses, pay rise and promotions. If you feel you have not been given the rewards that you deserve ( based on industry standards), it is time for a change.
6. Your personal brand remains dormant
If you feel like you cannot be yourself at work and you follow an act; you can soon be consumed with an identity crisis. This means it is time to find somewhere you can be you.