CPD Online Courses

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and we offer this to help learners develop existing skills or enable them to learn new skills. It is the process of developing, maintaining and documenting your professional skills. Our CPD courses are driven by you the student, allowing you to self-reflect on your progress and development. We offer a wide variety of CPD courses such as First Aid, Health and Safety, Infection Control, Care Certificate and Food Hygiene. These courses can help you gain employment in new areas or help you carry on learning throughout your working life.

As Home Study Zone courses are online, you can do this alongside full time employment, college or even work it around your family commitments. Your course will give you the flexibility that isn’t available with conventional colleges and study time that fits in with your lifestyle. This means you can make CPD work for you! You may even decide that you enjoy your course and wish to complete more courses in your subject area. We offer a variety of online courses for continuing professional development or even beyond this field of work. If you need more information, you can contact us by clicking the contact us section or if you wish to enrol on a course, click the ‘enrol’ button on any of the courses you wish to undertake.

We believe in helping people achieve their goals for the future and this is why we offer a large variety of CPD courses which help you gain employment, progress in education or even just learn a new skill. Home learning can be a great way to learn self-motivation and even stimulate the brain. When you learn a new skill, your brain will become more active and more creative, igniting passion in your day to day life.

CPD can be traced back to World War II, as institutional bodies structured further learning qualifications. Increasing technology and advancing businesses needed a more disciplined structure and over the past two decades, the commitment to CPD has spread beyond those affiliated to institutional bodies.

CPD Courses allow you and others to keep skills and knowledge up to date, enabling you to become an effective, valuable employee and add skills to your portfolio. You will also stand out from the crowd as it provides you with options to move into different areas of your chosen career if required. CPD will help you learn something new, gain confidence in your job role and show your commitment and development when you are offering your skills to potential employers.

We encourage learning throughout everyone’s life and job role, with no age restrictions and this is why CPD is such a great path to follow. Each skill can be applied to most situations, ensuring it is accessible to all walks of life, maintaining high standards in the workplace.