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At Home Study Zone we have carefully selected our beauty courses. We do this to ensure that the courses are of a high standard, as we only want to provide courses that we know will improve learners career prospects and provide a fulfilling, enjoyable experience. With our beauty courses, students can achieve skills that can potentially open doors to a multitude of opportunities.

The beauty industry has grown remarkably in recent years. The worth of the beauty industry is at $532 billion worldwide and increasing rapidly every year. With the increase of social media influencers, the demand for beauty services is growing. This not only means that individuals want more choice, but you can find ways on social media of reaching your potential client base.

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There are many benefits to taking these courses online. Distance learning gives you flexibility to study whenever you can, this means if you have to work this around certain aspects of your life it is completely possible. Distance learning also encourages you to become self-motivated, meaning you can take these skills and apply them to other aspects of life. It gives people the opportunity to earn while they learn. You will not have to quit your job to undertake studies, unlike studying at a conventional college where you have to attend your course at a specific time on specific days. Online learning can save you time and money by not having to travel to complete studies, leaving you more cash available to kick start your career!

The use of make-up started in 4,000BC, Egyptian men and women would line their eyes with kohl. They would also accentuate their lips and cheeks with ground carmine beetles. We, to this day, apply make-up to accentuate the eyes, lips and cheeks. This is where the evidence  began of the Egyptians showing they were aware of their self-image.

We also followed the Romans, who regularly used bathhouses. Women would whiten their faces with lead chalk. This would show a statement of wealth, the paleness showing you spent your time indoors.

The beauty industry as we know it, only really kicked off in the 20th century, with many formulas before this being lethal to health. Ingredients such as mercury, lead and arsenic, all caused irreversible side effects. Along with the beauty industry came the celebrity culture and the need to emulate their beauty routines.

As the beauty industry has grown, so has beauty influences; they thrive on YouTube and Instagram. This has made a new and innovative way of engaging with people over cosmetics and services. Many beauty companies have now decided to boycott the advertising market altogether, instead using the power of influencer marketing and opting for brand ambassadors. This also means a rise in cult beauty products and evening-out the playing field.

As technology improves, treatments improve, bringing more financial benefits and technological advances into the world of beauty. The beauty industry is constantly changing and technology is one of the ways this is happening. From AI (artificial intelligence) to 3D printing, we are venturing into undiscovered territory and beauty developments.

There are many benefits to being trained in the extensive number of beauty courses that we have available, as this will enable you to keep your skills up to date and stay ahead of the game, with the new treatments introduced. In turn, this will expand your skills and opportunities, in this area and not limit the services you offer.

You will be provided with the necessary knowledge to advise your clients and complete a consultation whilst undertaking the practical elements. As you will be taught about physiology and anatomy, you can confidently advise clients to the best of your knowledge.

All in all, the more knowledge you obtain, the more confident you and your clients will be; the more courses you complete, the more services you can offer and this will all lead on to an increased income and the potential of running your own business.

You may decide you would like to become a make-up artist and complete one of our courses in that area. There are certainly many career paths and opportunities you can take, such as becoming a fashion make up artist working at the runways or working on photoshoots.  If you have a more artistic side, you may want to progress into the field of body and face make-up; temporary tattoos have also become more popular.  Television and film studios always need make-up artists from action to period pieces; it will always be an exciting career.

The demand for bridal make-up artists is also on the rise, with the wedding industry making in excess of £10 million a year in the UK.  Brides no longer wish to apply their own make-up on their special day and as the standards for weddings increase, so does the demand for services. Now people require perfect photos for their wedding day and you will be in charge of making this happen.

You may decide you want to venture into specialised make up, helping patients cover things up such as scars. Beauty retail involves working in department stores and at make-up counters helping to sell cosmetics and complete make up looks.

It could be that you wish to open your own salon and this is great for anyone wishing to work for themselves but also work with other staff. You can achieve the aesthetic of the salon you wish and you will work to attract customers with the services you offer. The staff you employ will be of your choice and you can choose who is best suited to the team, with students gaining work experience and training, potentially to join in the future.

Overseas work may be your idea of where you want to take your skills. Qualified therapists have the opportunity to work overseas and on luxury cruise ships, hotels or in holiday resorts. You would provide pampering sessions for guests while they are relaxing on holiday.

It may be that you wish to teach students in the future, helping individuals become qualified in your respective field. Most colleges employ lecturers who are specialists in their area and the more skills you learn, the more you will have to offer.

If you wish to work in a salon, it may lead to a head of department role or top-level beauty therapist. These roles mean you can move up in the salon. You will also then have more flexibility to shape the salon to your particular requirements, ensuring junior therapist are trained and guided by your experience.

On completion of one of these beauty courses, can I receive professional insurance?

With select courses you would be eligible for Professional Insurance. To see which courses these are you will find it in the description and Q & A section of the course pages.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you can receive a certificate with these courses.

What will my career opportunities be?

You may wish to work in a salon, work for yourself or there are even opportunities to travel in the beauty industry.

Is the course online?

Our courses are all online.

Can I do this course in my own time?

All our courses are flexible and enable you to study when it is convenient for you.

I live overseas can I still take this course.

Yes, you can take this course anywhere in the world.

Will I need previous knowledge of the course?

No, you do not need previous knowledge. However, a genuine interest in the course is best.

Will I receive a Kit?

On selected courses we offer kits at an extra cost.