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Welcome to our A Level courses homepage, offering distance learning A Levels that can be studied in your own time, at your own pace.  A Levels online, offer wonderful flexibility to students who are struggling to attend traditional colleges due to time constraints and you do not have to skimp on quality in order to gain these valuable qualifications. Online learning has never been so simple!

A Levels were introduced in 1951 to replace the higher school certificate. This allowed students to decide which subjects they wished to study in a more in-depth form. The original A Levels were marked on a distinction, pass or fail basis. As the mark scheme changed to the more modernised system we see today, more students decided to progress down this route and complete their A Levels.

A Levels are the traditional qualifications that are offered by schools and colleges for students.  They generally focus on academic subjects and are very highly valued by employers and universities, opening up numerous opportunities for further study and career progression.  You usually study three or more A Levels over two years and they are assessed by a series of exams.  You can also complete an A Level within 12 months if you have a tight deadline to meet and your Tutor will fast-track you at no additional cost.

A Levels are recognised by many universities worldwide as the main method of assessing candidates who wish to apply for higher education.  Our courses are also available to international students and for more information on international A Levels, please click here.

As we have modernised the way A Levels have been taught and with the development of the student portal, your course is administered in an organised, structured format. You will find all aspects of your course located in the same place, so no more searching for the relevant information.

There are many reasons to choose A Levels online, such as flexibility, time management, individual focused learning and more. With our A Level online courses, you will have access to course materials covering the specification required, assessments with feedback, access to your Tutors via the online learning portal and access to a whole range of resources.

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